Darryl Cronon, Real Estate Advisor

I was born here in Colorado. I went to college here, met the love of my life here, survived cancer here, and there is nowhere else I would want to call home! Before joining Thrive I worked as a Fire Protection Engineer, following in my grandfathers footsteps, where honesty, accountability, and attention to detail framed my career.

My love for design and physics lead me to Engineering.

My love for working with other people lead me to Thrive.

As a Real Estate Advisor, I strive to apply the same diligent utility as an Engineer while also providing compassionate, loyal, and curated services.

As a multiple cancer survivor, I understand very well the benefit of a strong advocate. One who has a sense of duty as strong as their sense of honesty.

Now, it is my turn to be that advocate!

If I’m not working, I find so much joy in training with our dogs, or cooking with our family! For those precious moments alone, I try and always keep a book in rotation.

"Never look down on someone, unless you are helping them up." -Jesse Jackson